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Low Port Centre is located in Linlithgow and delivers Outdoor Activities and offers residential opportunities throughout the year.sailing on loch

Our on-site lochside access combined with the surrounding woodlands and lowland hillsides, canal network, onsite climbing wall, residential facilities with 36 beds and full catering facilities ensure a quality experience.

Our aim is to offer opportunities in outdoor adventure sports and encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors more often. This is both through personal skills courses, providing individuals with the confidence to enjoy their sport themselves as well as through qualification courses, ensuring that the next generation of outdoor instructors are trained to the highest possible standards. Low Port Centre is a fun and welcoming environment; everyone is welcome from the beginner to the expert. We take pride in helping you to develop your personal skills, whatever level you might be at.



We can accommodate up to 36 people, and all but 2 of our rooms have en suite facilities. The rooms, which are mostly twin-bed, are split over 3 floors.

  • On the ground floor we have 6 twin-bed en-suite rooms (2 of these are fully equipped for people with a disability).
  • On the first floor we have 4 twin-bed en-suite rooms and 2 three-bed en-suite rooms.
  • On the top floor we have 1 twin-bed en-suite room and 2 four-bed rooms, each with their own shower and toilet facilities (not en-suite).

Every room is fitted with a remote control colour TV (with the opportunity to manage viewing times).


Our qualified and experienced catering staff are there to make sure you enjoy good wholesome food.  We are happy to help with special and medical diet needs e.g., vegetarian, coeliac, dairy free.


Security is important to us and this means that no one, other than you, your staff and our staff, can gain access to the residential wing while you are staying with us.

School Groups 

We will consider any combination of booking - single day, split week, extended weekends.

Outdoor Education:
Resident School Groupswoodland adventure

We support schools in their delivery of the curriculum, and some Outdoor Education sessions are included in the cost of your booking. NB. only for bookings with more than one overnight stay.

The exact number of sessions available to you (a session being a morning, an afternoon or an evening) is dependent on the duration of your stay. You may  opt out of these sessions and run your own programme. Depending on availability of our Instructors, you can also buy additional Outdoor Education sessions during your stay.

Non-School Groups 

Weekends and school holidays are popular with non-school groups. However, although schools get priority for mid week bookings during term time, there may still be some periods available - so please check with us.

With the exception of bookings for one night only, Outdoor Education sessions are included in the cost of your booking. You can:

  • combine your own programme with your Outdoor Education entitlement
  • buy additional Outdoor Education sessions if available
  • run your own programme without any Outdoor Education.

Areas designated to Resident Groups

You will have exclusive use of a general purpose room for the duration of your stay. You will also have exclusive use of the dining room in the evening from 5pm onwards.

Other areas e.g. the games hall and/or additional meeting rooms may be available. You can pre-book these areas at cost if there are no exisiting bookings - prices are available on application.

 Low Port Centre, 1 Blackness Road, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7HZ, Tel:01506 340720, Fax: 01506 284409

Email: lowport@westlothianleisure.com