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sportscotland works in partnership with all 32 local authorities to invest in the Active Schools network of managers and coordinators.  Active Schools West Lothian consists of 11.0 FTE coordinators that are dedicated to developing and supporting the delivery of quality sporting opportunities for children and young people.   The Active Schools Coordinators provide support, training and guidance relating to Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport (PEPAS) to all 11 secondary, 67 primary and 6 additional needs schools.

Active Schools Coordinators also assist with the transition from school sport into club sport by working closely with clubs to highlight the opportunities that exist in the local community.  This integrated way of working creates and develops pathways into sport and encourages longer term participation.  There are two national outcomes that all Active Schools teams work towards. These are:

  • Increased number of children and young people participating in school and community sport; and
  • Increased capacity though the recruitment, retention and development of a network of volunteers to deliver sport in schools and the wider community.