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Sporting Grants will now have a greater focus on Accredited Clubs, recognised Community Sport Hubs (CSHs) and Club Partnerships that are looking to drive the development and promotion of sport, whilst also providing value to the community.  Successful applications will be those that demonstrate a targeted approach to one or more of the following areas:  

  • Collaborative working with other partners e.g. clubs, schools, CSHs  
  • Development of volunteers and young leaders  
  • Enabling the inactive to become more active  
  • Planning, Governance and Profile    
  • Tackling Inequalities     

We are looking for applications to be linked to a Club, CSH or Club Partnership Development Plan that details costs, delivery model and projected impacts. A follow-up report to show how you have delivered against the model and impacts, submitted in your Sporting Grant, is also a requirement.

Accredited Clubs, recognised CSHs and Club Partnerships will have the opportunity to apply to the new Sporting Grants scheme.

Please find the full criteria here.

There is now a second opportunity to apply for a Sporting Grant with a closing date of 31st January 2020. Please note if you applied and were awarded a grant in September 2019 then you are not eligible to apply at this point. For any further information please contact Sheila McEwan e: or your dedicated Community Sport Officer.

You can complete an application here

The 'West Lothian Trust for People with Disabilities' has a separate limited budget to support disabled individuals who have been selected to represent their sport at a national or international level.  Please contact Sheila McEwan e: for more information.