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Before applying please ensure that you have read the accompanying Sporting Grant Scheme Application Guidance Notes to ensure that this application meets the award criteria. This application should take a maximum of 30 minutes to complete

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Individual: Please give details of the competition/event/camp etc that this grant will support and the impact it will have on your performance as an athlete. *
Education and Training: Please describe how you will use this qualification and the impact it will have on your personal development and/or the development of your club.*
*Education and Training only* Please provide the date(s) of the course you have applied for. (please ensure this course takes place within the timeframe of - 3 months prior to the deadline and 3 months after the deadline submission date)
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Individual Grant: Evidence of selection for a team competing at National, GB or International level*
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Meeting our requirements and priorities

All information relating to the requirements of each category can be found in the application guidance notes.

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Finishing your application

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You are authorised to apply for a grant from us on behalf of your club/organisation. If you make any seriously misleading statements (whether deliberate or accidental) at any stage during the application process, or knowlingly withhold any information, this could make your application invalid and and you could be liable to repay any funds to us. We will not make any decisions on the suitability of a grant if relevant sections of this application form have not been satisfactorily or supporting evidence is not provided e.g. bank statements; evidence of national selection/ evidence of course placement. We reserve the right to ask for additional information or evidence to help us to process your application. We will require evidence of expenditure for all awards. We will not release grant funding for Training or Education applications without evidence that the qualification has been attained.


Please provide details of who the cheque should be made payable to, and where it should be sent, in the boxes below.  If your application is successful, a cheque will be raised and sent out as per the details submitted.  Please note, the amount awarded may differ from your application.

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