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Sports Scholarship Pass

The Sports Scholarship Pass is for:

a) Individuals who are currently representing, or have represented, their sport at National, International or Regional level.

b) Sports performers who can demonstrate that they have the potential to compete at these levels.

The Scholarship Pass allows talented athletes free use of facilities that are controlled by West Lothian Council/West Lothian Leisure. The pass primarily entitles the holder to all benefits as detailed in the Gold Membership Scheme, excluding fitness classes.

Usage will be reviewed quarterly. If it is deemed the pass is of limited use to an athlete, it will be transferred to the next athlete on the reserve list.

Coaches of athletes will be issued with a pass which will allow access specifically for training athletes in their sport. They will not be entitled to free use of facilities.


Application Procedures

The application process for 2019 is now closed.


 Notes for Guidance

1) National Governing Body of Sport: please give the name of the Governing Body.

2) Sport in respect of application: give specific details where applicable e.g. Athletics 200m, Fencing – Foil.

3) Recent Standard: e.g. Member of Scottish Team, British Junior Team.

4) Competitive/Coaching Record – Please complete section in as much detail as possible. Only MAIN EVENTS should be detailed. Do not include local club events or those organised by schools, colleges or universities, but do include any national schools/university events.

5) Please also include proposed events and your training schedule for the coming year.

6) Performance will be measured against appropriate scales, i.e. AAAs.


Further notes

This scheme requires SGBs to grade applicants in order to support the athlete’s application. We aim to support talented individuals. The athlete must be an active competitor and graded at a level on the following scale:

A Established British International

B Established Scottish International

C Established District/Regional athlete

Registered Coach *coach only

The information submitted in your application will be confirmed and a grading will be awarded by WLC in partnership with the relevant governing body of sport.


Further Information

Active Schools & Community Sport are responsible on behalf of West Lothian Council for the administration of Grant Assistance to Sport. Any funding distributed is for the development of the sport and/or athlete.

West Lothian Council will have certain expectations from successful applicants. These include regular reports and acknowledgement of WLC support where possible. There is a limit to the number of individuals who can be supported with a Sports Scholarship Pass.

Allocations are dealt with on a year by year basis; there is no guarantee that successful applicants will continue to receive support in future years. Please note that athletes competing at international level will be given priority. However, athletes competing in sports which already receive direct funding from the Voluntary Organisations Grants budget will be given less priority for Scholarship Passes.

For further enquiries please contact Glenn Marsters, email:  or Mobile no: 07917067228.