Active Schools & Community Sport is committed to improving lives through sport. As part of this commitment, West Lothian Council has revised and updated its Club Accreditation Scheme in order to further support clubs across West Lothian to grow and develop.

The Club Accreditation Scheme will continue to be a tool to ensure that clubs have appropriate structures and policies in place and that clubs are recognised as being safe and rewarding places to be.

Is accreditation for you?

1. Is your Sport recognised under the joint policy, operated by the four Home Country Sports Councils (Sport England, Sport Northern Ireland, sportscotland and Sport Wales,) and UK Sport?
2. Are you a not-for-profit organisation?
3. Will your Club be located and operate within the West Lothian Area?
4. Will your club primarily benefit the communities and population of West Lothian?

If you are unsure if your sport is recognised please check here

You can find out about the benefits of becoming an Active Assured Cluhere

If you are interested in your club becoming accredited, please complete the following Assured Accreditation Registration and one of our Community Sport Coordinators will be in touch.

If you are due for re-accreditation an officer will be in contact with you to set you up with access to the online system.

Should you have any questions please contact Glenn Marsters: Email