Let's look at a scholarship type of approach Thinking in a 'social enterprise' way rather than just purely a 'charity' way, could you ask your members if they would be willing to continue paying membership fees? This could be at a reduced amount or on a scale. You should still extend the arm of charity and recognise that for those who are not in a position to pay there is still a place within your club. Use the Robin Hood Model to balance your memberships.

Here is an example of a communication that you could send to members: Example Communication

Here is a resource detailing the different types of models and giving some good examples: Business Models

Could you adopt a Buy One Give One/Pay it Forward model?  When you are able to open up for some activities, could you add in the option for a parent or member to pay it forwards and pay for a free space to allow someone who is unable to pay at that time the opportunity to participate?