Maximise the buying power of your members. Show your support for your club by signing up to Fantastic Fanatics which is just one example a club retailer page and who pay a portion of every transaction to your club directly. Super simple fundraising which can involve extended families and friends of members:

Your club or organisation may be eligible to claim Gift Aid or other relief too:

Take this opportunity to really get to know your members. Put out surveys asking members/ parents what skills they may have that could contribute to the sustainability and growth of your club going forward. Really understand what type of additionality that you as a club could provide for your members and look into sourcing online training. Could someone learn sign language basics or understand mental health better? There are many online and free resources out there.

If you have a Facebook Page you could do a poll around specific questions or use a tool like Survey  Monkey:

UK Coaching have made their learning and development resources available until the 3rd of May. You can access the links to a total of 10 workshops as well as ongoing support when you register with UK Coaching. For more information visit:

If there are any clubs that are not currently accredited and wish to go through this process, we will still be able to take you through the scheme and delay the club visit until a suitable time.

All that time we as people involved in sport wished we had to review and plan, well it’s now. Please contact your relevant Community Sport Coordinator if you have any questions or would like support to help you during this challenging time.