If you aren’t already doing so, consider setting your minds to a Social Enterprise approach. This means being mindful of the needs of your participants, and balancing this with your need to remain sustainable in the current climate.

Get your treasurer to look at your books. What are payments that can be stopped? Are there payments that are surplus to requirements right now? Take the time to work out your club cash flow (a template is available from your lead Community Sport Coordinator). This will show you how long your club can be sustained using your cash reserves and projected income based upon a predicted number of members maintaining fees (approximation between 5 and 20% of your normal amount).

You may want to contact funders that you receive support from as soon as possible in order to get agreement to either extend deadlines or look at the criteria for any funding you are currently receiving. Funders are offering to be as flexible as possible, but organisations will have to get agreement to alter the terms of their funding so be pro-ative and initiate contact. There is guidance from each of the major funders on the SCVO Hub site here: https://scvo.org.uk/support/coronavirus/funding

It's also worth taking a look at the guidance produced by the SFA for their clubs which gives a number of links that are relevant across all sports clubs: SFA Joint Response Group Document

If you are not already signed up to take online bookings and online payments, use this time to do your research and find a best fit for your club. If restrictions are lifted with caveats then make sure you are in a position to hit the ground running. No handling of cash, guaranteed payments received, etc.

Some examples can be found at the following links:




Think about the types of memberships you already have set up. Standing Orders, Direct Debits and monthly card payments. Go Cardless have produced some guides that help explain the differences between the three payment types: