Set yourselves (club committees) some clear Goals to work towards.

Some example Goals for period to 30 June:

  • Stay connected as a committee or board;
  • Be fully ready to re-open at the earliest available opportunity;
  • Be perceived by your 'customers' as compassionate and great communicators during this period;
  • Prepare innovations to our activities so we can match whatever restrictions are in place once activities can resume; and
  • Maximise time during this enforced close to develop projects that you are able to progress.

Think about the types of communications you are having with members. Can you clearly plan out general content for everyone and then share more specialised content with specific members where appropriate?

Get your coaches to take some responsibility for sharing technical skills content or leading online sessions.

You can set up a youtube channel:

Or sign up to Zoom for video conferencing, web conferencing and webinars:

Maintaining strong relationships with your members and participants are crucial at this time. If they view you as merely transactional then they are less likely to support you, keep paying or come back to you. If they feel a genuine connection with your club or organisation then they are more likely to want to stay involved financially. Work on ensuring that your club encourages a lifetime membership approach and that a person can feel connected to your club at various stages of their lives.